The Ordinary & Illamasqua Moisturiser & Primer Review

My first video is finally published! This article will accompany the video so those who want it can have more in depth information about the products reviewed. Continue reading “The Ordinary & Illamasqua Moisturiser & Primer Review”


DIY Balayage & Toning hair at home (& My hairdresser nightmare!)

I’ve only been to a hairdresser three times in my entire life and those times were in the past three years! The only exception to this was when I turned 16 and my Mum organised for a mobile hairdresser to come to the house. This didn’t turn out well. In fact, instead of giving me the tousled 90’s Mariah Carey look she’d promised I ended up with the “Jonathon Creek” look. If you don’t know who he is he was a magician turned detective on British television played by Alan Davies. No offence to Alan, but his look really isn’t the look a 16 year old girl is after . Continue reading “DIY Balayage & Toning hair at home (& My hairdresser nightmare!)”

Dermacol – First Impressions & How to tell a Real from a Fake

If you’ve used social media at all over the past few months, you’ll have noticed the internet has been going crazy for the super concealer/foundation that claims to have “extreme” coverage, while simultaneously leaving your skin with a “velvety matte appearance”. Dermacol has been advertised far and wide as a tattoo covering makeup often shown with videos of users looking awestruck by how incredible the coverage really is. But is it? Really? Let’s find out! Continue reading “Dermacol – First Impressions & How to tell a Real from a Fake”