Dermacol – First Impressions & How to tell a Real from a Fake

If you’ve used social media at all over the past few months, you’ll have noticed the internet has been going crazy for the super concealer/foundation that claims to have “extreme” coverage, while simultaneously leaving your skin with a “velvety matte appearance”. Dermacol has been advertised far and wide as a tattoo covering makeup often shown with videos of users looking awestruck by how incredible the coverage really is. But is it? Really? Let’s find out!

I ordered my first one from a seller on Amazon. Long story short, I discovered it was a fake. I managed to get my money refunded and then bought direct from a link on the Dermacol website. I would advise everyone to do this! The internet is rife with Dermacol fakes, so this is the only way to guarantee a genuine product. The price is very reasonable at £12 so it really isn’t worth the risk.


How to tell the Real from the Fake – The biggest giveaway is the lid. The part that pierces the film on the genuine one is smooth with a pointed tip whereas a fake one has four edges leading to the point (right). The genuine tube is deeper in colour & is more glittery (although this would be hard to tell without having both tubes to compare).

FAKE – As you can see I have used the fake one. It’s quite a nice foundation that is more luminous and a lot less thick in comparison. I do not condone the use of a counterfeit but if you have bought one in error, it is still useable.

REAL – This was a different ball game in comparison to the fake! It is so thick that it’s hard to squeeze out of the tube! A little does go a long way. The coverage is certainly full. It’s a lot nicer going on with a beauty blender than a foundation brush. It didn’t do the fine lines under my eyes any favours and did look patchy on dry areas. I have tried it with various primers and moisturisers though and once you get the combination right for your skin, it really can look flawless. For my dry skin type this was achieved with a combination of The Ordinary Natural Moisturiser with the Rimmel Insta Go 2 in 1 Primer & Setting spray applied with a foundation brush. My under-eye was much better and the foundation stayed most of the day without being cakey. It did feel a little heavy on my skin though, but with this level of coverage it was to be expected

All in all I’d score Dermacol’s Full Coverage Foundation a 7/10. A bit of a tricky one to get used to but with a little trial and error has the potential to be a great foundation.

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