DIY Balayage & Toning hair at home (& My hairdresser nightmare!)

I’ve only been to a hairdresser three times in my entire life and those times were in the past three years! The only exception to this was when I turned 16 and my Mum organised for a mobile hairdresser to come to the house. This didn’t turn out well. In fact, instead of giving me the tousled 90’s Mariah Carey look she’d promised I ended up with the “Jonathon Creek” look. If you don’t know who he is he was a magician turned detective on British television played by Alan Davies. No offence to Alan, but his look really isn’t the look a 16 year old girl is after . Continue reading “DIY Balayage & Toning hair at home (& My hairdresser nightmare!)”

Dermacol – First Impressions & How to tell a Real from a Fake

If you’ve used social media at all over the past few months, you’ll have noticed the internet has been going crazy for the super concealer/foundation that claims to have “extreme” coverage, while simultaneously leaving your skin with a “velvety matte appearance”. Dermacol has been advertised far and wide as a tattoo covering makeup often shown with videos of users looking awestruck by how incredible the coverage really is. But is it? Really? Let’s find out! Continue reading “Dermacol – First Impressions & How to tell a Real from a Fake”